Volleyball of the Rockies (VOTR) was established in 1989 as a small grass 4x4 League in Denver, Colorado. VOTR has grown over the last 30+ years to include year round programming with 1,000+ teams in weekly leagues and over 200 tournaments annually including small 15 team draws at our facilities, Volleyball Vacations in Mexico, and 600+ team multi day events in Colorado mountain towns. VOTR serves as the parent company for our two indoor/outdoor beach facilities: The ISLAND and The OASIS. VOTR is the premier volleyball organization in the Rocky Mountain Region with offerings including:


          - VOTR: Outdoor Grass and Indoor Hard Court Leagues

          - VOTR: Outdoor Tournaments

          - The Island: Indoor/Outdoor Beach Volleyball (18 courts, Leagues/Tournaments)

          - The Oasis: Indoor/Outdoor Beach Volleyball (10 courts, Leagues/Tournaments)

          - SOB Volleyball Vacations in Mexico

          - Beach Clinics, Workshops and Camps

          - Colorado Volleyball Tournaments Schedule


All AVPAmerica Tournaments are listed under the Volleyball Of The Rockies (VOTR) Organization heading in the HEARTLAND region.  The links on the left can direct players to specific offerings within the organization. All tournaments have a specific tournament director listed who can answer your questions and if you have other questions, you can email us at Cristian@votr.com or give us a call at 303-745-2255.