What Is AVP America?

AVP America is the largest grassroots outdoor volleyball organization in the United States. Currently, AVP America is comprised of over 180+ organizations and over 45,000 players.

Players pay an annual fee of $20, which allows them access to compete in any level of AVP event (Pro, Next, First, America) across the country.

The goal of AVP America is to foster cooperation among beach & grass volleyball promoters throughout the US to grow the sport. This is being done with the following items visible at www.avpamerica.com :

  • AVP National Ranking System based on player’s results from AVP sanctioned tournaments throughout the US
  • Online Registration that seeds players based on AVP Ranking System in all divisions
  • $49,000+ Beach Grand Prix Program that awards cash prizes based on results from the year’s tournaments, professional to novice for male, female and coed tournament players
  • $21,500 Grass Grand Prix based on a player’s results in grass tournaments
  • National Championship Tournaments held at the end of the season for beach and grass teams. Players can win trips to the Nationals by winning local qualifier tournaments.
  • League National Championships held in Atlantic City, NJ every September for all 4s & 6s beach teams
  • Junior Program with tournaments, showcases, clinics, an East and West Coast Championships, and a Junior Nationals
  • Discounted Prizes and Equipment from AVP America and its affiliated corporate partners 

Our goal is to offer benefits and programs for players of all levels.