East Coast Junior Qualifiers

Bid Tournament Criteria (applies to Girls 14U, 16U & 18U only)

  • Coed teams are not permitted

    • Bids will be awarded based on the following criteria:

      • 5+ teams in each division- 1st & 2nd place earns bids

      • 9+ teams in each division- 1st, 2nd, 3rd(2) OR 4th place place teams earn bids

      • 17+ teams in each division- 1st, 2nd, 3rd (2) & 5th (4) place teams earn bids

Zone                                              Organization/Location

Atlantic Zone                                                             

3/23/19Beach South Volleyball - NC RESULTS

Southern Sand Volleyball - NC RESULTS

4/14/19Wilmington Volleyball Series - NC RESULTS
4/20/10Myrtle Beach VB - SC RESULTS
4/27/19Eastside Volleyball - NC RESULTS
5/4/19Paradise Ocean Club - VA RESULTS
5/11/19Beach South Volleyball - NC RESULTS
5/11/19Myrtle Beach VB - SC RESULTS
5/18/19Eastside Volleyball - NC RESULTS
6/1-2/19Sinjin Beach - NC RESULTS
6/2/19Wilmington Volleyball Series - NC RESULTS
6/8/19Eastside Volleyball - NC RESULTS
3/3/19East End Volleyball - Singer Island, FL - RESULTS
3/16/19VB Beach - FAU Sand Courts- Boca Raton, FL- RESULTS
3/23/19Sandlife Volleyball - Tampa, FL RESULTS
4/14/19VB Beach - FAU Sand Courts - Boca Raton, FL RESULTS
4/21/19First Coast Volleyball - St. Augustine, FL RESULTS
5/11/19Sandstorm Tournament Series - Singer Island, FL RESULTS
5/12/19First Coast Volleyball - St. Augustine, FL RESULTS
5/19/19Dig the Beach - Siesta Key, FL RESULTS
5/25/19Sandstorm Tournament Series - Singer Island, FL - RESULTS
5/26/19Sandlife Volleyball - Tampa, FL - RESULTS
6/2/19TMP Beach Showcase - Spring Hill, FL RESULTS
6/2/19Dig the Beach - Fort Meyers, FL RESULTS
6/6/19VB Beach - FAU Sand Courts - Boca Raton, FL RESULTS
6/9/19SSOVA - Siesta Key, FL RESULTS
6/9/19Dig the Beach - Fort Lauderdale, FL
6/9/18First Coast Volleyball - Jacksonville Pier, FL RESULTS
Gulf Zone
4/13/19Birmingham Beach/United Volleyball- AL RESULTS
4/14/19Vollis Beach - TN RESULTS
5/11/19Vollis Beach - TN RESULTS
5/31/19Nashville Beach - TN RESULTS
6/1-2/19C2 Attack - TN RESULTS
6/8/19Nashville Beach - TN RESULTS
4/27/19Grand Sands - OH RESULTS
6/2/19iBeach31- IN RESULTS
6/9/19iBeach31 - IN
5/18/19Sand Sharks Mid-Atlantic VBC (16s) - MD RESULTS
5/19/19Great American Volleyball - NJ RESULTS
5/19/19Sand Sharks Mid-Atlantic VBC (18s & 14s) - MD RESULTS
6/2/19Great American Volleyball - NJ RESULTS
New England
5/11/19Westerly Volleyball - CT RESULTS
5/25/19East End Volleyball - NY RESULTS
6/2/19The Sandbox - CT RESULTS

Elite Beach Volleyball (14s & 12s) - Madera, CA RESULTS

6/1/19BeachVB - Santa Cruz, CA RESULTS

Elite Beach Volleyball (18s & 16s) - Madera, CA RESULTS

More to come!