Spring Beach Volleyball League - League Details

April 2 - May 21, 2024
Beach Volleyball Event
April 2 - May 21, 2024
Umstead Dr, Chapel Hill , NC

Spring Beach Volleyball League
Session 1

Days of the Week: Tuesday;

Time: 06:00 PM - 08:00 PM

Divisions: Coed 4's;

Online Registration is Closed

League Description:

Looking for some fun in the sun this spring? Look no further than our Beach Volleyball League at Umstead Park! Whether you're a seasoned player or just looking to have a good time with friends and family, our league has something for everyone. The season officially kicks off on April 2nd and runs every Tuesday night from 6-8PM through May 21st. But before the season starts, we're offering two weeks of open play on March 19th and 26th to give you a chance to practice your skills and get to know your fellow players. Each team can have 4-5 players, and registration is $200 per team. Free agents may register to be added to a team for $50/player. To register, simply visit avpamerica.com and sign up today. Please not that all players must be AVP America Bronze members, which costs $20 per year. So grab your sunscreen and your favorite pair of shades, and just us for a summer of fun and friendly competition at Umstead Park. 

Submit payment by venmo to @erin-venmo-0008

League Rules:

  1. To maximize play time, all games are self-reffed. Call your own faults and call out the score prior to each serve!
  2. Matches are 2 of 3 sets. First 2 are 21 point sets and the last set is 15 points. Sets are win by 2. However, sets to 21 have a cap at 25 with sets to 15 having a cap at 17.
  3. 1 timeout per team per game
  4. Rock/Paper/Scissor to decide side/serve/or receive. If a match goes to 3 sets, rock/paper/scissor again.
  5. Teams switch sides between games.
  6. Touching the net with any body part during play is not allowed.
  7. If any part of the ball touches the line, the ball is in. In general if the line moves the ball is in.
  8. No hand setting across the net.
  9. No hand setting the serve or on a free ball first contact. Double hand contact on the first ball is only allowed on a hard driven ball.
  10. Hand setting your team is allowed and judged loosely.
  11. No open hand tips.
  12. Players are not required to rotate, but they must maintain a consistent service order.
  13. The block counts as your first team contact and the blocker may touch it as the second contact.
  14. At least 1 woman must be on the court at all time.
  15. Substitution of players is permitted between points or games.
  16. Matches start on time. Teams not ready to play at starting time are penalized 1 point for every minute they are late. After 15 minutes the first game is forfeited. Same penalty for the second set if they have not shown in 15 minutes. If the team is ready to play the second set they can still win the match by winning the next 2 sets.
  17. You must have at least 2 people on the court to play a match and 1 of them must be a woman.
  18. Cancellation of play will be sent out at 4pm if the weather is severe. We play in the rain, but not in a thunderstorm.


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