Women's Doubles - League Details

May 10 - June 28, 2021
Beach Volleyball Event
May 10 - June 28, 2021
8227 Broadway, San Antonio, TX

Women's Doubles
Red and Blue Flights

Days of the Week: Monday;

Time: 07:00 PM - 11:00 PM


LinMar Beach Courts provide a fun, relaxed atmosphere! 2 Courts Lights BYO.....whatever makes you happy!
Online Registration is Closed

League Description:


May 10 - June 28, 2021

$130 per team  

6 Weeks of league play

Playoffs/Tournament 7th Week


*Open to upper level JRS*

League Format:
Minimum 8 teams required Maximum 12 teams
Match = 2 sets to 21 CAP 23
Teams are guaranteed 2 matched per week + Open Play 5:00pm until league start time.
Matches are 30 minute time slots.
Once we reach 8+ teams, there is no guarantee that each team will play everyone twice.  At this point, Wins and Losses + points earned and loss will play a role in the seeding process for playoffs.
Playoff format TBD based on number of teams in the league.
1st match of the night is 7:00pm Last match of the night is 10:00pm (which is a little late, so we hope we don't have to use that last time slot.) We will make every effort to evenly distribute the time slots. SPECIAL REQUESTS WILL BE CONSIDERED AND MUST BE SUBMITTED PRIOR TO THE BEGINNING OF THE SEASON, AFTER REGISTRATION IS COMPLETE.
Self officiating is required. Linda are available for disputes. AVP rules.
Substitutions are allowed, but the same level of play is required.
Please use every effort to find a sub; coming to the league organizer as a last resort. best case scenario is that the sub shows up, fully prepared and happy to play!
If a team forfeits 2 times, the team is taken out of the league rotation until playoffs. This is a respect factor that each team is paying for play, reps, and a two match per week league. Please be respectful of this. We all know that emergencies arise. But if you know that you may not be available, please be pro-active in seeking a substitute.  
The first match of the night has strict forfeit guidelines. A grace period of 10 minutes is allowed. At 7:10pm, if both players are not present, the set is forfeited. Another grace period of 10 minutes is issued. Within this time period, a "sub" may be grabbed from another team within the group, if one of the players is present. This player may be "subbed out" once the teammate arrives. At 7:21pm, if no sub is available and the teammate is still not present, the second set is forfeited. This allows us the best probability to maintain a time effecient flow each week.
Each subsequent match has a one time 5 minute grace period.

  1. LinMar Beach is responsible for sanitizing and cleaning all PERMANENT, LEAGUE, and TOURNAMENT equipment only.
  2. Please consider regular hand sanitizing
  3. Please be responsible for placing trash in trash can provided – an additional fee on future rentals may be required if area is not left clean of personal trash following rental
  4. LinMar Beach will limit interaction of training sessions to specific groups without overlap and a minimum of 15 minutes between sessions to ensure cleaning and sanitizing.
  5. LinMar Beach will open the use of the porta-potty for rentals, leagues, tournaments, and training sessions. The Porta-Potty will remain locked at all other times and LinMar Beach is responsible for cleaning and sanitizing between sessions. LinMar Beach will LOCK the porta-potty before leaving the premise.
  6. LinMar Beach requests all participants to have a minimum of one or more items for personal use: hand sanitizer, disinfecting wipes, or similar disinfectant (natural products)
  7. Each participant of the rental, league, seasonal programs, and tournament is on the “honor system” of self-regulation, assuring all parties that a daily self check has occurred, and the participant has a normal temperature, has not been exposed to nor has been tested for the COVID-19 and is the “waiting” 5-14 day period.
  8. Social Distancing is requested off the courts. 
  9. Wearing a mask outdoors will be "flexible" and compliant to the current Texas guidelines issued. Masks ARE NOT required during play.  
  10. FULL PERSONAL/TEAM compliance is accepted upon receipt of registration and payment


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