Gainesville Volleyball [9791] - Event Details

October 2 - 3, 2021
Grass Volleyball Event
October 2 - 3, 2021
24880 NW 16 Ave, Newberry , FL


Grassroots: M/W 2's (Saturday) & REVERSE Coed 2's + Juniors (Sunday)

Divisions: Men's Open; Men's A; Women's AA; Reverse Coed A;

Online Registration is Closed

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Saturday 10/2 : MEN'S & WOMEN'S 2's

  • Divisions: M/W 2's Open, AA, BB
  • Registration fee paid online at time of registration. Men's 2's and Women’s 2’s Open $80 per team / AA, A, BB, are $60 per team.
  • Men's and Women’s Open PAYOUT GUARANTEED MINIMUM OF $500 - $500 MEN, $500 to WOMEN![More teams = more money, so spread the word!] 
  • Play starts 9am sharp for all divisions! Check-in @ 8:30am. 

Sunday 10/3 : REVERSE COED 2's & JUNIORS 2's

  • Divisions: REVERSE Coed Open, AA, A, BB / Juniors Girls 18u, 16u and Boys 18U
  • Registration fee paid online at time of registration. Coed 2's Open is $80 per team / AA, A, BB, and all Junior divisions are $60 per team. 
  • Cash payout for Open based on # of teams registered. More teams = more money, so spread the word!
  • Play starts at 9am sharp for all divisions! Check in @ 8:30am. 

Tournament director reserves the right to merge divisions. Gainesville Volleyball tournaments use OPTX as official game ball. 

***If you need a partner or team, please complete this form for help from our tournament directors!! If you are picky, post instead on our event discussion board on Facebook :) ***

AVP America Membership required for all players to register. $20/player/Membership fees will be used to fund the $40,000 Grand Prix for all divisions, a National Ranking System, end of season championships and insurance coverage.

COVID-19 Precautions for all Gainesville Volleyball events 

  • We will send a check-in email to each player at the specified division check-in start time. The email will contain a link that will allow them to check in their team. Pool schedules will be accessible digitally and all score-keeping will be digital as well, eliminating the need for score sheets or sharing of pens. Make sure your phone is charged!
  • Please maintain social distancing of at least 6’ between tents and do not stand or sit within 6’ of other tents.  Please follow the social distancing guidelines as currently provided by the State of Florida.
  • We request that teams do not shake hands or high five before, during, or after a match.  This is not a rule which will be enforced, but rather a request that could help minimize a portion of the risk related to transmission and ensure that all players feel comfortable at the event. 
  • Please bring your own towel to the court and do not share towels.
  • We will not have registration tables or captains meetings at this event.
  • We are not able to provide shared water coolers to reduce common touch areas.  Please bring your own water so you can stay property hydrated throughout the day.

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