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May 1 - 2, 2021
Beach Volleyball Event
May 1 - 2, 2021
600 N English Station Rd, Louisville, KY 40223, Louisville , KY

$5,000 Cinco De Mayo Coed 5 - vs - 5
$5000 Cash Prize

Divisions: Coed 6's Rec.; Coed 6's Comp.;

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Additional Information:

Cinco De Mayo Coed 5 - vs - 5 Beach Tournament

2 Day Event: Saturday Pool Play and Sunday Playoff Bracket Tournament

Every Team Makes Playoffs

Welcome to the Cinco De Mayo Beach Tournament hosted by VOLLIS Beach! The Mexican Holiday we all enjoy and love filled with great food, drinks and beach volleyball!

Teams will consist of:
2 Females
3 Males

This Cinco De Mayo Coed 5 - vs - 5 consists of at least two girls and three guys per team. The net is set to mens height. We will follow standard USAV indoor rules, with the following exceptions/highlights:
  • A Net is a Net – If you contact any portion of the net during play, it is a fault. Finger Action Over Net – Clean oversets at 6/12 are allowed.
  • Block as a Touch – Block does not count as a touch.
  • Double Contact on Serve Receive – Double is legal on receive as long as there is no finger action with one fluid motion.
  • Hard Driven Ball – Finger action (beach dig) allowed for first contact on a hard- driven ball. Hard-driven defined as a ball you don’t have time to think about.
  • Court Boundary - Entering any adjacent court that is scheduled for competition during play is a fault.
  • No Centerline Violations – If a player goes under the net during play, it is not a fault, unless it interferes with the other team's ability to play the ball. However, if a player is repeatedly and recklessly going under the net, the referee may call a fault.
  • Antennae – The standards (poles) are the antennae. If the ball touches or passes over the poles, it is out.
  • Game Delay Forfeiture – Any delay longer than 5 minutes creates a forfeiture of the current set, including those caused by injury. TD has discretion to extend injury time-outs.

CASH Prize Competitive Division:


1st Place: $2000.00

2nd Place: $1000.00

T-3rd Place: $500.00

T-3rd Place: $500.00

Cash Prize Recreational Division:


1st Place: $700.00

2nd Place: $300.00

Check in: 8:30am 

Start: 9:00am


Vollis Beach

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