Sand Dragon Volleyball [9240] - Event Details

November 21 - 22, 2020
Beach Volleyball Event
November 21 - 22, 2020
110 S Ocean Dr, Fort Pierce, FL

Jamming at the Jetty 10/21-10/22

Divisions: Men's AA; Men's A; Men's BB; Women's AA; Women's A; Women's BB; Coed 2's AA; Coed 2's A; Coed 2's BB;

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There will be a player’s party at the resort after the main event Saturday night


Facebook event page: Facebook event

Instagram: sand_dragon_volleyball


$35 a player for all divisions. Pay and register at bracketpal.sandragon

Please register before Saturday the 21st. Late entries will be up to the tournament coordinator 

Every player will be given a Jamming at the Jetty t-shirts as part of their entry fee

Space is limited as we only have 10 nets total. Divisions may be eliminated, combine, or expanded depending on registration.


Saturday -

Men’s AA, A, BB

Women’s AA, A, BB

Check in 8:15-8:45am Play starts 9am all courts. See Start times below for more details

Sunday - CoEd: AA, A, BB

Check in 9:15-9:45am Play starts at 10am. See Start times below for more details

Prizes: 1st: AA Men’s/women’s/Coed - $500

All other divisions will be given prizes


All teams will be required to ref other games

Switch sides every 7 points

AA divisions will all be match play, two games to 21 and a 3rd to 15 if necessary 

Semi-finals and final matches will be match play for other divisions, possibly quarter finals if time permits

Games to 21, no cap

3-4 pool play games guaranteed, depending on number of teams

If time permits, all teams with make bracket play

Start times:

Teams are to remain aware of their court and play order according to the pool setup

Teams are given 10 minutes of warm-up if they wish

Teams more than 10 minutes late to their court will give 2 points to the opposing team

A 10 minute grace is given to the first game at 9am

Teams with 5 minutes remaining to show with be announced over the sound system

If a team fails to show after 15 minutes it is considered a forfeit 


While we want this to be a competitive tournament, it is also a friendly community event. 

Please show sportsmanship and respect to fellow players and attendees.

Any player showing unsportsmanlike conduct to players or attendees may be dealt penalties

Any changes to the event, rules, or schedule will be up to the tournament coordinator 

Send any questions regarding the tournament to or message us on Instagram: sand_dragon_volleyball


Sand Dragon Volleyball

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