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September 19, 2020
Grass Volleyball Event
September 19, 2020
136 West St, Goshen, CT


SCV Mens and Womens Doubles
Grass Doubles

Divisions: Men's Open; Men's AA; Men's A; Women's Open; Women's AA; Women's A;

Online Registration is Closed

Additional Information:

**** NEW VENUE ****

The field will be at 136 West St in Goshen CT, it will not be at woodbury!


The tournament is capped at 14 teams for the open divisions and 13 teams for the AA and A divisions. All registered teams must pay by Thursday night at midnight. Friday we will be making the pools and if you are not paid we will contact a team on the wait list to fill that spot. 

The tournament will be split into two waves, Morning and afternoon wave.

There was a mistake with the waves information below was copied from a previous tournament. The correct waves and division split has been emailed out.

The morning wave will be from 8:00-1:00. Please be there on your court ready to start playing at 8:00 AM. If your team is not present on the court at that time, you will be penalized 1 point for each minute you are late. We cannot run after 1:00 PM in this session, as the afternoon session needs to begin right away. 

The afternoon wave will be from 2:00-Dark. We are aiming for an earlier start time, please show up for 1:15-1:30. Check in will be through text, Mens Open please text 2039483622, Womens Open and AA please text 2032703575. We will send someone out to the parking lot to let you know when you are able to get on the field, ideally it will be at 1:30. Be ready to play first serve at 2:00 pm. If your team is not present on the court at that time, you will be penalized 1 point for each minute you are late. 

Both sessions make sure that pool play is being played quickly, If you play next on your court you need to be warming up before the end of the current game. Once one game ends the next game should begin shortly after. If pool play on any net falls behind, we will shorten the games to fit the schedule. 


REGISTRATION - THERE WILL BE NO WALK ONS AND NO PAYMENT ON SITE. You must register and pay via venmo @SCV55, the Friday before the tournament by 10 PM. This is because we will be making the pool sheets the night before the tournament.

CHECK IN - Check in is from 8:00-8:45 AM, if you check in late there will be a $5 venmo charge. When you check in, please DO NOT enter the tent, while walking by grab Sandy's attention, she will check you off AND TELL YOU WHAT NET YOU WILL BE PLAYING ON. There will be no more morning announcement where we call everyone up. You will have to remember your net, and at 9:00 AM we ask that players start heading to the court and begin play.

FACE MASKS - You will need to wear face masks at anytime unless you are playing, or sitting in your own tent. If you are walking around the field for any reason, please put on a mask until you are back to your tent. You do not need to wear a mask walking to your court to play, we ask that when the game is finished you head straight back to your tent.

TENTS - You cannot set up tents in rows like in the past, each tent needs to be set up with a reasonable amount of space between each other (at least 6ft apart). In each tent there can be no more than 5 people in the tent at all times. The people allowed in your tent have to be either someone you drove with in the same car, or your playing partner. If they are not your playing partner, someone that drove with you, or someone that drove with your playing partner, they are not allowed in your tent. You are not allowed to visit other peoples tents.

GARBAGE - You are responsible for whatever you bring in. We will have garbage bags available. We ask that you take your garbage for your tent to the dumpster at the end of the day when you leave. Please do not leave anything by nets or on the ground for us to pick up. That includes items that are biodegradable such as banana peels, orange peels etc... We need to leave the field as clean as it was before we arrived.

EQUIPMENT - Bring your own balls we will not be providing balls for players. Also please bring your own sanitizer, we will have what we can available, but just like everyone else we cannot buy in bulk and it is hard for us to get our hands on it.

We know some of these may be a little harsh, but we need to all abide by these rules in order to be able to run the remainder of our tournaments. If you have an issue with any of these rules, we are sorry but they must be followed, please don't come if you can't follow them. We will miss you but we need to keep it as safe as possible for everyone.  

Prizes - Cash payouts for Open and AA first/second place as well as apparel. All other divisions will receive apparel. Cash payouts are determined based on number of teams in each division. 


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