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August 7 - 9, 2020
Beach Volleyball Event
August 7 - 9, 2020
`Neshotah Beach, Zlatnik Drive, Two Rivers, WI

Neshotah Beach Volleyball Open

Divisions: Men's Open; Men's A; Men's B; Women's Open; Women's A; Women's B; Coed 4's A; Boys 18 & Under; Boys 16 & Under; Boys 14 & Under; Boys 12 & Under; Girls 18 & Under; Girls 16 & Under; Girls 14 & Under; Girls 12 & Under; Boys 4's 16 & Under; Boys 4's 18 & Under; Girls 4's 12 & Under; Girls 4's 14 & Under; Girls 4's 16 & Under; Girls 4's 18 & Under;

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Additional Information:

Welcome to the Neshota Beach Volleyball Open!! This is a three day, weekend long event that offers something for every volleyball player, junior or adult, amateur or professional. Be careful to sign up for the right divison. Thank you for registering and we look forward to seeing you at the beach!

Registration Instructions:

One player can sign up the entire team.
1) Create an account with BracketPal so we can communicate with you and your team.
2) Select the appropriate division you want to play in. You can sign up for more than one division at a time in case you want to play two days (we really think you do!).
3) Fill out all information and digitally sign the participation waiver.
4) Enter in the names and emails of your teammates. They will get an invitation to
sign the participation waiver too. Those that don't sign don't play.
5) Submit payment and your done! Remember, payment includes taxes and credit card
fees, and all payments are final.

All players must be AVP members to play. Check your AVP status here: https://www.volleyamerica.com/LoginPlayerInitial.aspx


If you have any questions, contact Tomás Goldsmith at admins@volley-life.com.


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