AVP Pro Tour [7191] - Event Details

May 15 - 17, 2020
Beach Volleyball Event
May 15 - 17, 2020
517 South Pleasant Valley Road , Austin, TX


AVP Austin Open

Divisions: Men's Pro; Women's Pro;

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Additional Information:
AVP Austin Open


2020 AVP Austin Open
May 15-17


Address for Main Draw & Qualifiers:
Krieg Field = 515 South Pleasant Valley Road, Austin, TX, 78741
Aussie's = 306 Barton Springs Road, Austin, TX 78704
Wooly's = 440 East St Elmo Road, Austin, TX 78745

Project Serve Beach at the Domain = 11100 Alterra Pkwy, Austin TX 78758 -- Player parking also available 11301 Domain Dr., Austin TX 78758

Men's Qualifier - Krieg Field & Wooly's

Women's Qualifier - Project Serve & Aussies


Main Draw - Krieg Field

Note: This Qualifier will be capped at 60 teams per gender and will be played on May 14th. Should your team's point total fall below the cutoff after the registration deadline, your team will be placed on the Reserve List. If you believe you may be in this position, please wait for confirmation to book accommodations. AVP will not be liable for any expenses incurred. For further questions, please contact AVPPlayers@avp.com.

Draw Per Gender

  • 16-team Main Draw
  • 10 Automatic Entries
  • 1 Wild Card - AVP
    • Additional Auto Entries will be allocated if no Wild Cards are granted
  • 1 Earned Wild Card - AVPNext
    • Additional Auto Entries will be allocated if no Wild Cards are granted
  • 4 Teams Advance Through the Open Qualification Tournament
    • Qualification Tournament will be capped at 60 teams per gender
      • Two Qualification Wild Cards will be used, coming from the below events:
        • Event 1 – March 28, Houston, TX, Texas Volleyball Tour
        • Event 2 – April 11, San Antonio, TX, 210 Beach
      •  Two Additional Qualification Wild Cards may be used, as outlined in the Player Handbook

All event details can be found in the Athlete's Corner on AVP.com.

Reminder - the seeding policy for AVP events: 
  • An athlete's BEST 4 finishes amongst all AVP platforms (AVP America, AVPFirst, AVPNext, AVP TOUR) within the ELIGIBLE WINDOW will be used for entry and seeding purposes. 
  • The eligible window is defined as an athlete's (5) five most recent AVP TOUR events played within 365 days of entry or seeding date guidelines.  
  • For athletes that participate in less than 5 AVP TOUR events within 365 days, their eligible window is simply 365 days of entry or seeding date guidelines.
  • All finishes NOT within the ELIGIBLE WINDOW will expire and cannot be used for entry and seeding purposes.

To search you name, check your point total and view new points scale please go HERE. Your overall seed will be under the "AVP Points" heading.

To check all the rankings, please go HERE.

Any further membership questions can be directed to contact@avp.com.

Any further points questions can be directed to points@avp.com.


Terms and Conditions

I understand that, upon registration, I am not automatically entered into the event. AVP events sometimes have limited spaces available; spaces are given based on the point system regulations, not a first come, first serve basis. I understand that any expenses incurred by failing to secure a space, will not be covered by AVP.

I agree that, upon registration, I am in good standing with the AVP organization; I am a current "AVP Member" and have signed the participation waiver associated with the annual membership.

AVP Tour regulations and resources are available at www.AVP.com in the “Athlete’s Corner” top navigation. I have read the registration regulations, including entry deadlines/withdrawal procedures and any subsequent fees associated.

By registering for this event, you acknowledge that you have read and agreed to these terms.


AVP Pro Tour

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