The Sand Club [6839] - Event Details

February 15, 2020
Beach Volleyball Event
February 15, 2020
500 S McQueen Rd, Gilbert, AZ


AVP America
Adult Open

Divisions: Men's Open; Women's Open; Women's A;

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Additional Information:
The Sand Club is offering men’s and women’s 2’s tournament sanctioned by AVP America at Mesquite Beach in Gilbert Arizona.  All players must be AVP members in order to participate. REGISTER TODAY! There are only 12 team spots per gender.

Mesquite Beach
located at Mesquite High
500 S McQueen Rd
Gilbert, AZ 85233
A/AA & Open = $60/team*
*Player must be an AVP member >>Lookup# or Membership Here

Pool play followed by playoffs. Pool play will be single games to 21, cap at 21 (all teams advance to the playoffs) or games to 28 depending on the number of teams. Brackets will be predetermined by pool play results. Playoffs will be single elimination games to 28, win by 2, no cap. Finals will be match play if time permits.

Teams that are not playing will be asked to keep score and extra eyeballs on the court. Teams on the court will be responsible for calling their own violation, not the working team. When their is a discrepancy, the working team may call over the tournament director for a final call. Previous calls will not be reversed, only the current play. A complete list of rules will be provided in an email.


Women’s Division
8:30A-8:50A Check-In Warm-up
8:50A-8:55A Player Meeting
8:55A-9:00A Court Assignments/Final Warm-Up
9:00A-12:30P Pool Play
12:30P Playoffs Begin
1:30P Semifinals Begin
2:00P Finals
*times may be subjective change based on rallies, timeouts, injuries, watering courts, etc.

Men’s Division
1:30-1:50P Check-In/Warm-Up
1:50-1:55P Player Meeting
1:55-2:00P Court Assignments
2:00-5:00P Pool Play
5:00P Playoff Begins
5:30P Semifinals
6:30P Finals
*times may be subjective change based on rallies, timeouts, injuries, watering courts, etc.



The Sand Club

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