AVPFirst [6579] - Event Details

July 20 - 21, 2020
Beach Volleyball Event
July 20 - 21, 2020
The Strand, Hermosa Beach, CA

2020 AVPFirst National Club Championships

Divisions: Girls 16 & Under; Girls 14 & Under;

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Additional Information:

The AVPFirst National Club Championships have been designed to replicate the conditions of college competition for junior volleyball players and will be played on the AVP Hermosa Pro site prior to their event. Age divisions for this event will not overlap with competition divisions of the AVPFirst National Championships so athletes can compete in both events.


Clubs will be required to register as a squad. Each squad will be required to have two pairs of athletes competing. The squads will play head to head duels vs other clubs in the following format on two courts, simultaneously: 

Time-slot 1:Ct. 1- 1st team A vs 2nd team B Ct. 2 -2nd team A vs 1st team B (1 set to 21)
Time-slot 2: Ct 1- 1st team vs 1st team Ct. 2- 2nd team A vs 2nd team B (1 set to 21)
Time-slot 3: If the duel is tied 2 sets to 2 sets after the first two time slots, a duel-deciding "golden set” will be played. All squad members will compete 4v4 in this deciding set to 15.

This tournament will be for female athletes aged 14U & 16U. Pool play will take place on Monday July 20 and playoffs for both gold bracket and consolation bracket will start and finish on Tuesday July 21. 

This tournament will have a maximum capacity of 20 squads of 2 teams each (4 total athletes per squad) per age division. Clubs can enter more than one squad per division.

Please note the following:
All players must be from the same club **this condition only applies for the National Club Championships**
Players listed in the fields Captain and Co-Captain will be team 1 and players listed in player 3 and player 4 will be team 2
All players must wear a matching club uniform.
Coaches are also encouraged to wear a club uniform.
There will be no refunds for withdrawals at this event.
During this event coaches will be able to instruct their teams at all times.
If players from different clubs are discovered to be playing together prior to the event they will be immediately withdrawn.
If players from different clubs are discovered to be playing together after the event, all points and/or bids earned will be forfeited.


If you have any questions please contact Brooke Bernard at brookeb@avp.com



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