Sinjin Beach [6328] - Event Details

December 7, 2019
Beach Volleyball Event
December 7, 2019
8924 Midway West Rd, Raleigh, NC


December KOB Juniors Tournament
25 player KOB event at Sinjin Beach

Divisions: QOB Girls 18U; QOB Girls 16U;

22 Acre Lighted Sports Facility located in Raleigh, NC. 5 sand volleyball courts, 4 full size multipurpose fields, drinks available for purchase!
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Additional Information:

Sinjin Beach KOB Format

Sinjin Beach KOB Format

Online registration will be updated to allow public visibility of tournament entries.

We will have 2 age groups available. Both age groups will play at the same time on the 5 courts at MAC Sports & Entertainment.

This KOB Event will operate with 5 players per court, allowing a total of 25 players to compete in this event.

KOB Format - In this style of tournament, every point matters!! There will be multiple ties amongst divisions so your point differential will determine whether you make it out of your pool into Gold, Silver, or Bronze bracket! 

The tournament will begin with 5 pools of 5 players. Pool 1 will play on Court 1, Pool 2 will play on Court 2, etc.

The tournament will operate as follows with the example of Court 1

Each player on Court 1 will play a set to 21 points while partnered up with each off the other 4 members of their pool. The 5th player on the court who is not playing will be the referee/scorekeeper for that set. After each set, the players will take a brief break and then begin another set with a different set of partners. The scores of each set will be recorded. Each player will have their own Win/Loss record and their own individual point differential. The objective is to have the best W/L record on your court making you the "King" of the beach. Ties between players will be determined by point differential.

Playoffs: The top 5 players from Courts 1-5 will make it to the Gold bracket to play another round of pool play on Court 1. The second 5 players (second 5 point differentials after win/loss) will go to Silver Bracket on Court 2 for another round of pool play. This process will be repeated to fill up all 5 courts.

At the beginning of playoffs, W/L records and point differentials reset back to 0 and Courts 1-5 will play another round of pool play with the partners on their court. The winners of the playoff round of pool play will win their bracket.

Cost: $30/player

Check-in: 9:00-9:30

Start time: 10:00

Pets: Pets are not allowed at the MAC

Address: MAC Sports & Entertainment

8924 Midway West Rd.

Raleigh, NC 27617


Sinjin Beach

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