South County Juniors [5953] - Event Details

July 12, 2019
Grass Volleyball Event
July 12, 2019
188 Main Street, Ashaway, RI


South County Juniors Parent/Child grass doubles
also hosting a king/queen of the court event - no partner needed

Divisions: KOB Boys 18U; KOB Boys 16U; KOB Boys 14U; KOB Boys 12U; QOB Girls 18U; QOB Girls 16U; QOB Girls 14U; Mother/Son less than 15; Mother/Son 15 or older; Mother/Daughter less than 15; Mother/Daughter 15 or older ; Father/Son less than 15; Father/Son 15 or older; Father/Daughter less than 15; Father/Daughter 15 or older; Mentor and girl/boy 15; Mentor and girl/boy less than 15;

Plenty of free parking and bathrooms on site.
Online Registration is Closed

Additional Information:

2 on 2 - These events require you sign up with a partner. You are allowed to enter in the age group of the oldest member of your team, or older. Teams compete together through pool play and playoffs. If you don't have a partner, sign up anyways and we will assign you a partner that day.

King/Queen of the Court - This event has players sign up as individuals. Players will be assigned different partners throughout the tournament. The players with the most individual wins will advance to the playoffs.

Parent/Child - This has been a really enjoyable event over the last two summers. Players 18 and younger get to choose their favorite parent or another adult relative to team up with. Games are played on women's height nets and males 15 and older attack from behind the 10' line.  Free raffles for cash and other prizes just for playing in the event.  We also give prizes for the best team names, so be creative.

NCAA Style event - This event is modeled after the NCAA women's sand tournament format. Players sign up as individuals and will be selected to a team of approx. 10 players. Players will play with different members of their team throughout the tournament. Games are played on women's height nets and males 15 and older attack from behind the 10' line. This format is a big hit with players and coaches! Don't want to miss this one this summer.


South County Juniors

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