Birmingham Beach Volleyball - Event Details

March 16, 2019
Beach Volleyball Event
March 16, 2019
4800 Valleydale Rd, Hoover, AL


March 16th Dave's Pub Premier Co-Ed Doubles

Divisions: Coed 2's Open; Coed 2's A;

Public Park, can park by high school / Jeff State College and walk if no parking.
Online Registration is not available for this event.

Additional Information:
First and Foremost - must be an active AVPAMERICA member, go to, membership will be $20 online, or $25 at the tournament. This covers you FOR A FULL YEAR, ONE TIME COST.

How to register: On Saturday 2pm, I will post a link below this sentence that you will have to fill out to register.

Link here -

Where- 2020 Ball Park Road, Pelham Al
How much - Beach - $30 a person
Grass - $25 a person
Winnings - *Always dependent on teams*
Beach Upper -
1st $400
Lower - Prizes
Grass - TBD

Team List:
1 Joe / Rach - aka not has beens, but pretty close
2 Risley / Jessie - aka how can we root against Risley now!
3 Aaron / Justin - aka Aaron bought Justin real boardshorts
4 Pete / random - aka Pete is in scramble mode, days are numbered
5 Matt and Nikki - aka please don't go i'm gonna cry
6 Kelly W and tbd - aka finding superman
7 Scott and tbd - aka finding superwomen
8 Charl and Savannah - aka she's gonna coach Charl
9 Jason and Avery - aka a REAL power couple
10 Pearce and Erin Test - aka welcome to the show
11 Turtle and Marj - aka everyone's gonna love Marj
12 Nick and Melanie - aka the falkenburg gets a gem
Wait List:

1 Mitch and Jules - aka Power Couple #2
2 Paul Wise / Taylor Holly - aka Paul's bringing ringers
3 Mo and Jerica - aka whose the student whose the coach
4 Leyna and Chris - aka all we wanna see is Mr. Darcy
5 Rob and Cary - aka I'm so glad she's back!!! bring the kid
6 Jodie and Sam - aka shes backkkkkkk
7 Emily and Sied - aka the two that everyone will say, "cool peeps"
8 Jenn and Lee - aka welcome both to sand
9 Hannah Kate and Donnie - aka hannah's debut!
10 Caleb and Karlee - aka Caleb should move here
11 Chris Love and tbd - Officer Mclovin
Wait List

Grass Co-Ed 4's
1 Torie's Team - aka she gets her hubby to do anything :)


Birmingham Beach Volleyball

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