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December 2, 2018
Beach Volleyball Event
December 2, 2018
10750 Loveland Madeira Road, Loveland, OH


Coed King's Court Doubles
Amateur Level (A) and lower

Divisions: Coed 2's A;

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Cin-City Volleyball King's Court RULES

Coed King's Court is played with Amateur (A) level or lower coed doubles teams, 2 will be on the court, the others will be waiting their turn outside the Court. There is a King side of the court and a Challenger side. Which team will start where is determined by the drawing. Each rally will start with a serve from the team at the Challenger side.

If the team on the Challenger side wins the rally, they move to the King side and the other team will leave the court and will have to wait their turn to serve again on the Challenger side. If the team on the King side wins the rally, they will stay on the King side and get 1 point. Teams are only able to score points while they are on the King side. When a team on the Challenger side makes a mistake during the serve, they’re out and need to join the back of the line. During the rally, current beach volleyball rules apply.

If there’s a situation when two teams end with the same amount of points at the end of a round, the tiebreaker will be the longest stay at the King side. (A longest stay is the most amount of point gathered during one turn on the King side). If the longest stay scores are also the same; the team that got the longest stay first will win the tiebreaker.  There are no time-outs and no breaks. The game is played on time.

The end of each round is determined by the buzzer. This means the end of the rally. Points will still be award to the current rally if it has not finished. The team with the lowest score at the end of each round may be eliminated or moved to a different pool/tournament level depending on the round.  The final round winner will be determined by whoever gets to 15 points first (or the highest score at the time of the final buzzer).

After each court has finished all rounds, teams will be reorganized into pools based on their finish.  Cash and/or prizes will then be awarded at the end of all rounds.

Tournament Fee:  $25



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