Carolina CHAOS Volleyball [18988] - Event Details

April 6 - 7, 2024
Grass Volleyball Event
April 6 - 7, 2024
8100 Mallard Creek Rd. , Charlotte, NC


CHAOS Charlotte 2024 Opener
100% Open Payout AND SOME

Divisions: Men's Open; Men's AA; Men's A; Men's BB; Women's Open; Women's AA; Women's A; Women's BB; Reverse Coed Open; Reverse Coed AA; Reverse Coed A; Reverse Coed BB;

No dogs allowed on field No alcohol
Online Registration is Closed

Additional Information:
We are back for 2024 and kicking off in CHARLOTTE!   Understand we may have to move things over to Volleyball Life but wanted to go ahead and get things posted here!

Location: Keith Family YMCA 
                8100 Mallard Creek Rd. 
                Charlotte, NC

No dogs allowed on field

Event Details:

Saturday: Mens and Womens Doubles

Sunday:  Revco

Checkin : 8am

Play Starts: 9am 

Please do not be late. Players meeting will be held at 845 and play will begin promptly at 9am. Any team that is not on time for their first match will forfeit their match. 

Registration Fees: Open $40 per person        AA/A/BB $30 per person   


Cash Only. NO Venmo!

Ball: Wilson OPTX
Cash Prizes will be awarded! 


-Checkin begins at 8am and will stop at 845am. Players meeting will be promptly after. If you are late ,  we will not rearrange pools. If you play first, you have ten minutes from the end of the players meeting to be on your court or you will forfeit the first set. You will then have an additional ten minutes before the second set forfeiture.

-Failure to show for the tournament or dropping within 24 hours will result in a $10 additional fee the next tournament you play in. 

 -Failure to stay and officiate if you are required, will also result in a $10 additional fee the next tournament you play in. 

 Both of these greatly impact our ability to be prepared and run a smooth tournament. 

- No dogs are allowed on the field. 

-We will have trash bags if you need one. Please pick up after yourselves. 

-Understand that alcohol is not permitted at the YMCA. 

-If you are asked to leave for any reason, you will not receive a refund. 

Tournament Clarifications: 

       -Once a pool play match ends, there will be a 10 minute grace period (but please move quickly) for the next teams to appear on the court. After 10 minutes, if a team has not shown- they will forfeit the first set and then be given an additional 10 minutes before a second set forfeiture. 
      -This also applies during the playoffs. Once the playoff meeting has been called, you have ten minutes to get to your court. 


- Understand that tournament directors reserve the right to disqualify anyone caught sandbagging from playoffs with no refund.  We will monitor pools for teams sandbagging. If we feel you are sandbagging, you will be allowed to finish pool play but not compete in playoffs. 

-At CHAOS, we do not automatically move someone up based on winning a division. We take several things into consideration:
       -You and Your Partners Skill Level Together
       -The competition field (Be aware of where you relate in skillset to those currently signed up in that division. Some tournaments see weaker/stronger divisions than others)
      -If you have consistently made it to finals in a division, we will move you up. 

-Understand that this is up to the Tournament Directors discretion. Trey, Nick, and I discuss these regularly and will move people to ensure the integrity of the tournament. It is not up for debate. Be aware that sometimes we do not know new people signed up but we encourage you to email and ask if you are questioning the division you signed up in.

Division Notes:

BB- We see this as our beginners division. You are relatively new to volleyball or have a limited skillset. Because we want to foster growth in a positive environment, we STRICTLY monitor the BB Division. To help us prevent "A" Players from sandbagging in BB, there is NO HANDSETTING . It results in an automatic point for your opponent. We want this division to be a place where those new to the game or those looking for a more recreational division can come out and have fun and have a true opportunity to win. 

A- This division is for those that have started playing more regularly and are able to perform the basic volleyball skills at a consistent level. Just because you haven't won BB somewhere, doesn't mean you shouldn't be here :) 

-We will try to accommodate as many teams as possible. Please be aware if you are waitlisted and have not been moved off the waitlist the night before the tournament, you will not be able to play. We will accept waitlisted teams based on tournament size, number of nets available, and little interference with the flow of the tournament. 


Carolina CHAOS Volleyball

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