The Sand Club (Juniors) [16135] - Event Details

April 14, 2023
Beach Volleyball Event
April 14, 2023
500 S McQueen Rd, Gilbert, AZ


National Qualifier

Divisions: Girls 14 & Under;

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Additional Information:
The Sand Club and Stealth are offering a Triple Crown Series for ALL SKILL LEVELS that are p1440 members. AVP members will also receive points and when the AVP Gold members finish 1st and 2nd, they will earn bids to the AVP Nationals '23 (TBD).

We will create Power Pools with the top ranked 4-5 teams in order to encourage competitive games for all skill levels.

This is a SERIES event, where players earn p1440 points and get reps. Players will earn double the p1440 points and prizes ($3500 total) at the p1440 Crown events.

*Arizona Rule: No one player will receive more than $999 in merchandise awards. No player, his/her family member, or anyone else on behalf of the player will enter into an agreement with an individual, corporate entity, partnership, association, or any other party or organization, for use of the player’s NIL which in any way relates to the player’s connection to his/her high school team or activity program, or to any other non-school athletic team or activity program with which the player is connected.

September 17 - SERIES #1 SAND CLUB
October 2 - SERIES #2 STEALTH
October 15 - FALL CHAMPIONSHIP $1000*
November 5 - SERIES #3 STEALTH
November 19 - SERIES #4 SAND CLUB
December 4 - SERIES #5 STEALTH
December 17 - SERIES #6 SAND CLUB
January 21 - WINTER CHAMPIONSHIP $1000*
February 5 - SERIES #7 STEALTH
February 18 - SERIES #8 SAND CLUB
April 15 - SERIES #10 SAND CLUB
May 13-14 - SPRING CHAMPIONSHIP $1000*

FORMAT: Teams will play 2-4 single games (depending on the number of teams) followed by a playoff. The goal is for every team to play at least 4 games to 21. We will email parents/players the Wednesday before the event with the projected format, seeding the day before the event and court assignments during check-in.

CLASS OF 2027 (8th grade or younger)
5:30-5:35P Check-In
5:35-5:55P Warm-Up (All Pools)
5:55-6:00P Player Meeting (All Pools)
6:00-8:00P Pool Play (All Pools)
8:00P Playoff Begins
9:00P Semifinals
9:30P Finals
*times are subject to change depending on timeouts, rallies, injuries, etc

CLASS OF 2025/26 (9th & 10th graders)
8:30-8:35A Check-In
8:35-8:55A Warm-Up (All Pools)
8:55-9:00A Player Meeting (All Pools)
9:00-11:00A Pool Play (All Pools)
11:00A Playoff Begins
12:00P Semifinals
1:00P Finals
*times are subject to change depending on timeouts, rallies, injuries, etc

CLASS OF 2023/24 (11th and 12th graders)
2:00-2:05P Check-In
2:05-2:25P Warm-Up (All Pools)
2:25-2:30P Player Meeting (All Pools)
2:30-4:30P Pool Play (All Pools)
4:30P Playoff Begins
5:30P Semifinals
6:30P Finals
*times are subject to change depending on timeouts, rallies, injuries, etc

FT Event #6- Santa Cruz, CA June, 2023 (TBD)
p1440 Junior National Championship - SoCal July, 2023 (TBD)

Please contact or 480-560-5090 if you have any questions or concerns.

There is NO REFUND due to injury or weather cancellation. Tournaments will be rescheduled if cancelled due to weather.


The Sand Club (Juniors)

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