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February 4, 2023
Beach Volleyball Event
February 4, 2023
2233 S GENEVA ST, Denver, CO

Colorado Winter Beach Series - QOB #5
QOB #5

Divisions: KOB Women's Open; KOB Women's AA; KOB Women's A;

The Island is a full bar and restaurant with 6 indoor sand courts and 12 outdoor.
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Additional Information:

Colorado Winter Beach Volleyball Series 2022-2023

Queen of the Beach Event #5: Saturday, February 4th 2023 @ The Island/Oasis

We will have 2 Main Draw shifts and 2 Qualifier shifts.

The Main Draw shifts will take place at the Oasis at 8am and 12:30pm

The Qualifier shifts will take place at the Island at 8am and 12:30pm

The key components include:

• Sign up individually; you don't need a partner.

• Lots of play: 9 games per tourney beats an "uno/dos" or 1 to 25 bracket play.

• Doesn't take all day…sessions will run ~4 - 4.5 hours~.

• Prizes for individual events 

• Increase participation by pulling new players in to the "scene".

• Pass the torch…create an environment for the established players to encourage, teach, and beat up on the next generation.

• Feed some egos by establishing winter rankings for players.

• Get winter touches: challenge yourself and improve your game.

• Flexibility: by taking your top 5 finishes, you can miss 2 tourneys.

Get in the game, play nice, and be relentless!

We will host 7 King/Queen of the Beach events this winter with the top players receiving cash and prizes based on their points at the end of the season. It is a great way to keep in shape, challenge yourself, find new partner pairings and see where you stack up against the local talent!

Email Cristian@votr.com if you have any questions.


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