Myrtle Beach Volleyball [15904] - Event Details

March 25, 2023
Beach Volleyball Event
March 25, 2023
900 N. Ocean Blvd., MYRTLE BEACH, SC


SkyWheel Open
Big Money, More Points

Divisions: Men's Open; Men's AA; Men's BB; Women's Open; Women's AA; Women's BB; Coed 2's Open; Coed 2's AA; Coed 2's BB;

MYRTLE BEACH VOLLEYBALL has one of the East Coast`s finest beach front volleyball facilities with 12 beautiful courts. Register early. SPACE LIMITED. SATURDAY: Coolers are allowed. Bring an umbrella and beach chairs and plan for a fun day at the BEACH! Canopy tents allowed around the Boardwalk Courts NOT on the beach. REGISTRATION CLOSES 6 pm Thursday. I will send out an email with tournament details on couple days before. Must have an active Silver AVP Membership to register and play.
Online Registration is Closed

Additional Information:

OPEN CHECK IN: 7:30 am Play Begins: 8 am (If paid go directly to your court)

Open $120 per team

Entries WITHOUT a PARTNER will be deleted. Many divisions are or will be on a waitlist and you must have a partner to enter. Thank you.

Everything is now on Bracket Pal:

Men's & Women's Open: LATE: to Ref or Play. Other team awarded a point a minute. Forfeit first set after 15 minutes. Same for 2nd set. 30 minutes forfeit match. (One team late puts us all behind. Be on time.) If we have to find someone to Ref for you the penalty is the same as being late to play.

BALL: Wilson OPTX: All TEAMS bring one please.

AA & BB CHECK IN: 9:00 am Play Begins: 9:30 am (If paid go directly to your court)

Cost $60 per team

All on BracketPal: Only Check in if you have NOT PAID

GOOD NEWS: The City is allowing us to add 6 courts on the beach. This has opened up more spots for AA & BB. We are  also adding Adult Coed Open, AA, & BB for Sunday. (Cash Payment Sunday for COED)


We now have over 33 Men's Open teams. AVP POINTS CHANGE: The new 1.10 Multiplier is in effect. Unfortunately, the AVP notified all promoters Thursday, March 16th stating that the 1.25 multiplier is being changed to 1.10 multiplier immediately. I petitioned for an exception for the SkyWheel Open as I was going by the AVP Guidelines as of March 10th when I shared the 1.25 multiplier. It was denied. Fortunately, we have a great lineup of high level teams from all over coming to Myrtle Beach and if we maintain the 33 teams all teams will still get awarded extra points. 1st place 1452 per team (726 per person) and so down the line. Although we are frustrated by the timing of this announcement, let’s not allow this to deter us from an awesome weekend of Beach Volleyball.

8 Courts will be used for men’s open and 4 courts for women’s open. 

PRIZE MONEY will stay the same for both divisions. 

We have also secured temporary lighting so if needed we can light up two courts at night. We will still do our best to finish by 7:30 pm, but this will ensure we get everything completed and not have to rush at the end.  

PAYMENT$$$: We have added an online option for payment. I encourage all to use this option. $2.50 (AA, BB) & $3.50 (Open) Convenience fee. This will help in the morning as you can go directly to your court and start warming up. Thank you!!!

TO ACCESS ONLINE PAYMENT: (Only one player will make the full payment)

  1. Login to AVP America

  2. Scroll down to your UPCOMING EVENTS:

  3. Find SkyWheel Open and select Make Payment. 

We hope everyone will stick around and cheer right up until the end. Plan for a fun filled day at the beach. Coolers, chairs, canopy tents are all allowed up on the 12 courts. No canopy tents on the beach.

OPEN DIVISION: $5,000 Payout

  • COST $120/team
PAYOUT: 1st: $1,200 - 2nd: $700 - 3rd: $400 ($200 each team) - 5th: $200 ($100 each team)

AA Men’s & Women’s - Cash & Prizes Awarded

BB Men’s & Women’s - Prizes Awarded

AA & BB COST $60/team


  • All divisions will play Pool Play followed by a Single Elimination Playoff.
  • Minimum Top 2 (3 in 5 team pool) make playoffs.
  • If the overall tournament numbers are small then more teams will make the playoffs.
  • This is one of our TWO BIG TOURNAMENTS. Therefore, fewer teams make the playoffs. If we finish pool play earlier and there are sufficient courts available there is the potential for more teams to make the playoffs. Our goal is to provide everyone the opportunity to play given adequate time and courts. Depends on all teams having short warm-ups and keeping the pools moving along. One pool finishing late slows things down for all teams. .
  • POOLS (3 teams - 2 to 21, 4 teams - 1 to 28, 5 teams - 1 to 21)
  • PLAYOFFS: 1 to 28 except semis and finals full matches all games to 15 (time/sunlight permitting)

SUNDAY COED Open, AA, & BB ($60 per team)

  • All divisions will play Pool Play followed by a Single Elimination Playoff.
  • Open 75% Cash Payout
  • CHECK IN: 9 am


Myrtle Beach Volleyball

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