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August 13, 2022
Grass Volleyball Event
August 13, 2022
1 Franey Rd, Somerville, MA

BSSC RCO Doubles
26th Annual Mayor's Cup brought to you by BodyArmor & Olde Magoun's Saloon

Divisions: Reverse Coed Open; Reverse Coed AA; Reverse Coed A; Reverse Coed BB; Reverse Coed B;

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Additional Information:

After registering for this event on this site YOU MUST go HERE to register & pay.  REGISTRATION IS NOT GUARANTEED UNTIL PAYMENT IS MADE

Check in at 9am, play starts at 9:30am, $10 late fee added if checking in after 9:15am.

NO DOGS ALLOWED AT TRUM FIELD, per the City of Somerville.  Sorry.

This year we are partnering with a bunch of friends to bring our Tournament series even more value! All participants for all Tournaments will stay hydrated by our friends at BODYARMOR as they will be providing sports drinks for all players.  All participants are entered in to win raffle prizes for $100 worth of Olde Magoun's Saloon gift cards.

Looking for somewhere to go after the Tournament? Our friends at Olde Magoun's Saloon who are located near the field are offering a FREE appetizer (with purchase). So, redeem that offer and relax post tourney with your team and friends.

All teams are guaranteed 120 points in pool play.

We rarely do pools of 5 (too much sitting around& you only play 4 teams).  If there is a pool of 5 we’ll use 2 nets to keep things moving.  We usually do pools of 6, 7, or 8 teams on 2 nets or 9 teams on 3 nets so you get to play more teams and spend more time playing. If it’s a pool of 6 or 9, you always play or work and therefore there is a lunch break. These type of schedules eliminate long periods of time off & get pool play over earlier in the day, usually by 2pm allowing playoffs to usually be over by 5pm

All teams are guaranteed 120 points in pool play.  Pools of 4 play 2 sets to 21; pools of 5 play 2 sets to 15 if 1 net, 18 if 2 nets; pools of 6 play 1 set to 25; pools of 7 play 1 set to 21; pools of 8 play 1 set to 18; pools of 9 play 1 set to 15.

For all divisions except Open, if more than 7 teams in a division, all teams make playoffs (Gold, Silver & Bronze brackets). If 7 teams or less in a division, 3 or 4 of the teams will make playoffs.

All teams making playoffs will get prizes.

For Open 50-60% of teams will make playoffs.

Cash prize for Open Division for top 4 teams. Payout as follows:

    1st place $25 x total # of teams in Open, so if 10 teams $250

    2nd place $15 x total # of teams in Open, so if 10 teams $150

    3rd & 4th place $5 x total # of teams in Open, so if 10 teams $50

All other Open playoff teams will receive non-cash prizes (AVP & BSSC apparel) 

This is a reverse coed event with Men hitting behind the 10' line.  1 male/1 female - however, 2 women can play as long as one doesn't hit any balls above the height of the net in front of the 10' line.  2 men may also be allowed to play as long as they play up 1-2 levels, but may or may not be allowed to advance to playoffs


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