Hang 10 Volleyball [15179] - Event Details

August 27, 2022
Grass Volleyball Event
August 27, 2022
302 North Carolina Highway 54 W, Carrboro, NC


Hang 10 Volleyball - RevCo 4s (Big Court) - August 27
Grass Reverse Coed 4s on big court!

Divisions: Coed 4's Advanced; Coed 4's Intermediate; Coed 4's Novice;

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Additional Information:

HANG 10 VOLLEYBALL'S next tournament of the 2022 season is Saturday, August 27th!!!  This is a grass Reverse Coed 4s tournament played on a big court.  Please pass this information along to all of your volleyball playing friends.  We love having new players come and join us and growing the volleyball community. 


RevCo 4s format will be: big court, block DOES NOT count as a touch and otherwise normal FIVB outdoor 2s volleyball rules (i.e., no open hand serve receive, no open hand tips, etc.), and the let service rule WILL NOT BE IN EFFECT.  Please note that we play with standard 2s rules for 4s and have certain modification for 4s that are announced/distributed in advance of the tournament.   It will be the same Hang 10 you have loved to play in for years with great and scaling payouts based on registrations, strict enforcement of sandbagging, the most efficient tournaments around, antennas on each court, 2-inch lines, nets that are the right height, and, as always, on a fantastic field in beautiful Carrboro, NC. 

Team composition for RevCo 4s is 2 guys and 2 girls.  Each team may have up to 6 players on its roster (each player is still required to pay a separate entry fee).  For a player to eligible to play in playoffs, a player must play in at least half of the sets during pool play (i.e., 3 sets in a 4-team pool and 4 sets in a 5-team pool).  A team cannot substitute a player during a set other than for injury, and the injured player will not be permitted to return during that set.   


Advanced (Open), Intermediate (AA) and Novice (A) divisions. There must be at least 4 teams for a division to run. The tournament directors may combine divisions as necessary (however, we will make every effort to split out divisions for playoffs if divisions are combined for numbers reasons). In addition, the tournament directors reserve the right to move any team to another division for purposes of promoting fair play and/or to make the tournament run more efficiently.

If there is not enough teams for 3 divisions, we will only have Advanced (Open/High AA) and Intermediate (Low AA/A).  The tournament directors will move teams to the appropriate division based on team composition and past results of the individual players (yes, we track all players' finishes).  

We will be closely monitoring divisions and if we feel like a team is trying to sandbag in any division we will move you up to the next division.  

Please remember, all official communication will be to the email address you signed up with AVP America, so you need to check your email and otherwise have a valid email address with your AVP America membership

If you played with us last year and know the drill, please read the important change and announcements below. If you have not played with us before, please read our "What to Expect at a Hang 10 Volleyball Tournament" Page


  • We are playing at Hank Anderson Community Park in Carrboro, NC at Multi-Purpose Field #1.  Multi-Purpose Field #1 is located at the back of the Park and is on the left hand side of the only road running through the Park.  If you get to the round-about, you have gone too far and turn around and go 10 yards and you will be at Multi-Purpose Field #1.  Here is a picture of the field: