Sunrise City Volleyball [15086] - Event Details

July 9 - 10, 2022
Grass Volleyball Event
July 9 - 10, 2022
Virginia Park Blvd, Fort Pierce, FL

Sunrise City Grass - July "Summer Crush" Tournament
The Top Grass Volleyball Series in Florida

Divisions: Men's Open; Men's AA; Men's A; Men's BB; Women's Open; Women's AA; Women's A; Women's BB; Coed 2's Open; Coed 2's AA; Coed 2's A; Coed 2's BB;

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Additional Information:

Registration is open until 10pm the night before the tournament If you have not paid by this time you could be dropped from the registration, we do not accept payment at the play site. All payment must be dealt with before arriving to the tournament.

The tournament will consist of pool play in the morning followed by seeded bracket play in the afternoon. Prizes will be awarded to the winners of all divisions(Open/AA, A, BB) and there will be prizes for 2nd and 3rd place teams based on total teams entered.

Cash Payout for Open Winners!

  • Check-in Opens @ 8:15 and ends @ 8:45 AM
  • Play starts after players meeting at 9 AM

If you're looking for a team, feel free to post your division/ skill level on the Facebook Event Page and we'll do our best to connect you with a team.

Due toCOVID-19 Safety Precautions, our ability to provide free food and beverages has been compromised, so please bring coolers, food, and anything else you might need.

There will be Food Trucks on site, please stay tuned to the Facebook page to see which trucks will be at the event, in the past we have had coffee, acai, smoothies, tacos, bbq, wraps, and more.


  • If a division has less than 4 teams, they may be merged with another division. Divisions must have 4 teams minimum to receive cash payout and receive AVP America points.
  • NO Sandbagging! We do have those players from time to time who try play down a division. If you are found to be sandbagging, you will be disqualified from the tournament. For help choosing the appropriate division, please e-mail us and we will help place you.
  • Please do not be late. Check-in closes at 8:40am. Players Meeting starts at 9am. Teams that show up 10 minutes late from the published start time will lose 1 point/ minute to the opponent. After 20 minutes, Game 1 will be forfeited. After 30 minutes, Game 2 will be forfeited. Reach out to the TD if you have extenuating circumstances. Examples of circumstances that are NOT extenuating: waking up late, not planning for traffic, stopping on the way to buy food/drinks, etc
  • Please try to keep the profanity and arguing to a minimum. We are on a school campus and there a juniors participating in the event, lets please make sure the experiences they are taking away from today are positive ones.
  • There will be no yelling at the referees. No one here is signed up as a ref, every one please be respectful of the referees, and ref please be respectful of the players and give the game your full attention when it is your turn to ref.
  • All games will be played with AVP OPTx balls, no other ball will be permitted for actual game play.


Sunrise City Volleyball

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