Myrtle Beach Volleyball [15020] - Event Details

September 30, 2022
Beach Volleyball Event
September 30, 2022
812 N. Ocean Blvd. , Myrtle Beach, SC

The MEG (Megalodon)
Master's Men's & Women's Doubles

Divisions: Men's Dino 80; Women's Dino 80;

Come be a part of an EPIC volleyball weekend. Watch and play with the Legends. Gold Medalist Phil Dalhausser, Nick Lucena, The Crabbs, Tri Bourne, Ed Ratledge and Adam Roberts have all played here. Who will be coming in 2022? 12 Beautiful Boardwalk Courts and more on the beach. PLAYER PARTY @ Chateau Roberts - Saturday Night. Hall of Fame Presentation & more. SPACE IS LIMITED.
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Additional Information:


  • Friday - The MEG - Canceled

Currently, the forecast for Myrtle Beach has improved for Saturday and Sunday. 

I just got off the phone with the City. They are now going to wait till Thursday to make a decision as there are several sporting events this weekend. However, at this point it looks like we will NOT be able to have courts on the beach.

Trevor Crabb, Taylor Crabb, Chaim Schalk, Taylor Sanders, Nick Lucena and many other of the Open players are here. Others have also paid for hotels, flights, etc. So we are still going to TRY and do this. 

GOOD NEWS: Saturday we will only be able to have Open & AAA Divisions at this time.

BAD NEWS: Due to no courts on the beach. NO AA & BB Divisions Saturday.

UNDERSTAND: We still may have to cancel at the last minute even on the day of the event, but we are going to try and get it done. So if you need to cancel hotels, flights, etc. please do so. We  will only refund the entry fee. 

REFUND: If you have paid and your division canceled you will get a VENMO refund. Please be patient.

CURRENT PLAN: (This too could change)

  • Friday - The MEG - Canceled

  • Saturday:Men’s and Women’s Open & AAA Only. Please let me know ASAP If you are not going to play. 

  • Sunday: Junior Tournament is ON. Understand, the City and weather could cause that to be canceled also. Most are within driving distance and the forecast for Sunday is much more favorable. 

  • Sunday COED: Let me know if you plan on being here and still like to play. If we have enough nets we can possibly play. It will depend on the final Junior Numbers.

PLAYER PARTY at Chateau Roberts is STILL ON!!!


Stay tuned. Thank you for your understanding in this difficult situation.

THE Myrtle Beach Open - BIG MONEY TOUR 


FRIDAY, Sept. 30th 

THE 1st MEG (Megalodon) - Men’s & Women’s

  • CHECK IN: 8 am - Play Begins: 8:30 am

  • RULE #1: Have as much FUN as possible.

  • Combined age minimum MEN'S 80- WOMEN'S 70

  • CAN'T have 2 Open Players together.
    What's an Open Player??? If you have played an open tournament in 2021-2022 and you won at least one match you are an open player.

  • EXCEPTION: If you are 50 men - 40 women or older. MAD RESPECT!!! You can play with anyone on the PLANET as long as you meet the combined minimum age requirement. Soooo COOOL!!!

  • The older you are the more respect you get. For every 4 years older than your opponents you get an extra point lead per set. Max 5 point lead to 15


  • The team with the Oldest Player gets the choice every set. 

  • COST: $70 per team

WACKY RULES Encouraged: Example: You get blocked by the Oldest Person on the court you have to run around the entire court with your hands in the air yelling, "Monster Block!"

Pool Play with Single Elimination Playoffs. The number of teams registered will determine the format for the playoffs.

SATURDAY, Oct. 1st

The OPEN - Men’s & Women’s - Big Money Tour - $7,200

Men’s & Women’s AAA ($100 per team with 50% cash payout) AA & BB ($70 per team)

Sunday, Oct. 2nd 

JUNIORS - Girls & Boys 12U, 14U, 16U 18U ($70 per team)

Adult Coed 2’s - AAA, AA, & BB ($70 per team)

For your convenience we will be using BRACKET PAL.


Myrtle Beach Volleyball

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