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May 28, 2022
Grass Volleyball Event
May 28, 2022
302 North Carolina Highway 54 W, Carrboro, NC

Hang 10 Volleyball - RevCo 4s - Bring a Partner Double Blind Draw with a K/Q Finals Twist
Reverse Coed 4s on a Big Court in Carrboro, NC - Sign Up with a Partner We Take Care of the Rest

Divisions: Reverse Coed Open; Reverse Coed AA; Reverse Coed A;

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5.16.22 Update:

1. We are at the point in AA where we have a waitlist. We will move teams off of the waitlist when we have 2 COMPLETE teams on the waitlist. Complete means that both partners (man/woman) are registered. Incomplete registrations will not be added to the field. If you are unable to register your partner, there is a 99.9% chance that he/she doesn't have a current AVPA membership, which is required to play.
2. The waitlist process described in (1) will be applicable to all divisions. We will repeat this process for every 2 teams that sign up until registration ends. This unfortunately means that if you wait until the last minute to signup, you may not get into the tournament if another team doesn't signup.
3. If you are looking for a partner, send us a message. If we have another single player of the opposite gender, we are happy to pair you together.
4. There is NO payment the day of. You must pay in advance otherwise you will be dropped from the tournament. See below for more information.

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HANG 10 VOLLEYBALL'S season opening tournament is Saturday, May 28th!!!  This is a Grass RevCo 4s: Bring a Partner Double Blind Draw with a K/Q Finals Twist.  Please pass this information along to all of your volleyball playing friends.  We love having new players come and join us and growing the volleyball community. 

Wait, what is this RevCo 4s: Bring a Partner Double Blind Draw with a K/Q Finals Twist? Sounds complicated? It really isn't. Here is a quick overview of how it will work:

  1. You sign up with a partner of the opposite gender (this is the bring a partner portion). You will play with that partner all day, so make sure it someone you can adequately blame for all of your shanked passes.
  2. At the tournament, an additional pair (man/woman) will drawn to form your 4s team and the 4 of you will play together all through pool play.
  3. Once pool play is over, we will then divide into "upper" and "lower" splits within each division much like we did all last year (more volleyball for everyone, yay!).
  4. We will then DRAW AGAIN (here is double blind draw part) among the pairs who are in the upper and the same for the pairs in the lower. This will be your new 4s team throughout playoffs.
  5. That is until the finals... If you make it to the finals (and time permitting), then the 4 pairs who are in the finals will play a true King/Queen format to determine the winning twosome (this is the K/Q finals twist)!

- Please note you will only be paired up with others in your division and capacity will be very limited and controlled, so make sure you sign up early.
- We will also announce two special rules for this tournament in the coming weeks. A few of you may be very familiar with them....


Other than that, it is the normal RevCo 4s format, including: big court, block DOES NOT count as a touch and otherwise normal FIVB outdoor 2s volleyball rules (i.e., no open hand serve receive, no open hand tips, etc.), and the let service rule WILL NOT BE IN EFFECT.   It will be the same Hang 10 you have loved to play in for years with great and scaling payouts based on registrations, strict enforcement of sandbagging, the most efficient tournaments around, antennas on each court, 2-inch lines, nets that are the right height, and, as always, on a fantastic field in beautiful Carrboro, NC. 


Open, AA and A divisions. There must be at least 4 teams for a division to run. The tournament directors may combine divisions as necessary (however, we will make every effort to split out divisions for playoffs if divisions are combined for numbers reasons). In addition, the tournament directors reserve the right to move any team to another division for purposes of promoting fair play and/or to make the tournament run more efficiently.

We will be closely monitoring divisions and if we feel like a team is trying to sandbag in any division we will move you up to the next division.  

If you played with us last year and know the drill, please read the important change and announcements below. If you have not played with us before, please read our "What to Expect at a Hang 10 Volleyball Tournament" Page

Please remember, all official communication will be to the email address you signed up with AVP America, so you need to check your email and otherwise have a valid email address with your AVP America membership. 


  • We are playing at Hank Anderson Community Park in Carrboro, NC at on of the Softball Fields (specific field will be announced later).  
  • Entry fees for 2022 are A/AA is $35 per player and Open is $40 per player.  As always our payouts scale based on entries, so the more entries the higher the cash and/or prizes payouts. 
  • We no longer accept cash or checks and all payments must be made via PayPal or Venmo in advance.  All payments must be made by 12:00 p.m. on the Friday before the tournament.  If you AND your partner have not both paid in full by 12:00 p.m. on the Friday before the tournament, you AND your partner will not be included in the pools and will be dropped from the tournament.  You have two options to pay:

            PayPal (Friends and Family Only): Mgleno@gmail.com (Matt Lenora)

            Venmo: @Matt-Lenora (last four digits are 6337)

  • We reserve the right to keep pools even in a given division.  This means that we may turn away teams and/or wait list teams in order to keep the tournament very efficient.   We may modify this depending on how many teams sign up in total, but if you are on the wait list you are not guaranteed to get into the tournament.  In addition, once we reach the wait list, any signup that is not a complete team will be removed as we do not permit people to "save" a spot on the wait list at the detriment of other teams who have both players signed up for AVP America and have a fully completed registration. PLEASE SIGN UP EARLY TO MAKE SURE YOU GET INTO THE TOURNAMENT!!!!!!
  • Online registration will end at midnight the Thursday before the TournamentIf you want to sign up after 12:00 a.m. on the Thursday before the tournament you MUST e-mail us at hang10volleyball@gmail.com or message us on our Hang 10 Volleyball page, and we will let you know if we have room. Any late registrations will be subject to space in a particular division and teams may be required to play in a division other than the one requested as determined in our sole discretion. In other words, sign up early if you want to be guaranteed a spot.  
  • The ball of choice will be the Wilson Optx balls.  
  • Unfortunately, we can no longer allow dogs at our tournaments.  There will be NO EXCEPTIONS to this.  You will be required to remove the dog, you will forfeit any games you miss and you will not receive a refund.  Please help us out and leave your dog at home.  We hate it as much as you do, but our hand has been forced on this policy.  
  • Please pick up your own trash and recycling!  It is not our job to clean up after you. 

Please read our "What to Expect at a Hang 10 Volleyball Tournament" Page for a lot of additional information. 


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