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January 28 - 30, 2022
Beach Volleyball Event
January 28 - 30, 2022
6850 Beach Plaza, St Pete Beach, FL

SSOVA's January Tournament- SAT: Adult's 2's AAA-BB, SUN: Open Adults, Coed Adult's 2's & Junior's 2's Open Division's - BRQ
America's #1 Beach: Upham Beach Park

Divisions: Men's Open; Men's AAA; Men's AA; Men's A; Men's BB; Women's Open; Women's AAA; Women's AA; Women's A; Women's BB; Coed 2's Open; Coed 2's AAA; Coed 2's AA; Coed 2's A; Coed 2's BB; Boys 18 & Under; Boys 16 & Under; Boys 14 & Under; Boys 12 & Under; Girls 18 & Under Advanced; Girls 16 & Under Advanced; Girls 14 & Under Advanced; Girls 12 & Under Advanced;

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Additional Information:

Visit for more details on SSOVA events.

Location: Upham Beach Park, St . Pete Beach FL (Great Sand!) Bathrooms Showers & Concessions.

Location Address: 6850 Beach Plaza, St Pete Beach, FL 33706

Parking:Paid parking at above address.

Hotel Discount:

Post Card Inn:

Access Code for Post Card Inn: SSOVA. Deal Expires 1/3/21

The Saint Hotel: 7201 Sunset Way, St Pete Beach, FL 33706

Promo Code: "SSOVA" Call or Book Online: 727-360-0120,

Registration: Registration is not confirmed/complete until payment is made. If you are not paid you are not registered.

You will be dropped out if payment is not made by registration deadline.

Need A Partner?

-If you need a partner, please fill out this form and we will try to find you one:

Tent Rental: For Tent Rental: Purchase on our website and make sure to select the correct date. 

Friday's Schedule:

  • Coaching Session $50/person.
  • 2 hours 3pm-5pm.
  • Location: Meet on the beach at the yellow SSOVA pop up tents.
  • Adults & Juniors. All Levels. 
  • Signup on 

Saturday's Schedule:


  • Check In: 8:00-8:30am
  • Play Starts:  9:00am
  • Single game pool play. Single game elimination playoffs.

Sunday's Schedule:

Open Division Men's/Women's:

  • Check In: 7:30-8:00am   Play Starts: 8:30am
  • Double Elimination with Olympic Cross-over.


  • Check In: 7:30-8:00AM
  •  Play Starts: 8:30AM
  • Juniors Open level receive bids: AVP 1st/2nd (5 team min) USAV 1st/2nd/3rd (3 team min)
  • Single game pool play. 
  • All juniors make it out to single elimination playoffs.

COED Adult Divisions: 

  • Check In: 8:00AM - 8:30AM
  • Play Starts: 9:00AM 
  • Single game pool play. Single elimination playoffs.
  • Beach Clean Up with The Green Peace Makers- players can participate at anytime throughout the day. 

Open Prize:

$100 in the pot per team. 

-(Open: Men's & Women's: 50% for 1st, 30% 2nd, 20% 3rd split).

AAA & AA Prizes:

-1st Place: Medals, Optx balls, and SSOVA or AVP Swag. 2nd: Medals, AVP or SSOVA Swag.

Prizes for all other divisions:

Medals for 1st & 2nd place.

Prizes for 1st & 2nd place SSOVA or AVP Swag. If there are 20 or more teams in a division 1st gets Optx Balls.

T-Shirts Guaranteed if signed up at least 1 week in advanced (Fri before).

Junior's Info:

-Juniors are required to have an AVP membership and USAV membership. Why? Chances to receive bids for both USAV & AVP at most SSOVA events. Safety! USA Volleyball requires all SSOVA staff to pass background checks and Safe Sport Certification. 

-This is a BRQ (Beach Regional Qualifier for USAV) & Bid event for AVP (with minimum of 5 teams for AVP).

- Visit for location information & more information on juniors.



1. We use the official FIVB rules for ball play & AVP rules for tournament play. Check out our website for rule links. 

2. All players must play their own games.

3. All players must ref as assigned. In playoffs after a loss, teams must stay to ref. 

4. If a player cannot finish and requires a sub then the initial player and sub will not receive points if placed. This must be approved by a tournament official.

5. Teams will generally be given a ten minute warm-up session. Other warm-up time frames may be instituted as necessary. If a team is not ready after 10 minutes point deductions will start for that team at 1 point per minute up until 21 minutes has passed, then it is considered a forfeit. 

Tournament Directors have the full right to change the event or play during the event. 

6. If you are running late please call during your check-in window (727-512-6619). If you have not contacted us by at least 15 minutes before start of first games you will be dropped from the tournament.

7. Please check ranking and your teams points for accuracy the day before the event when pools are posted. Once the tournament has started everything is locked in and there will be no changes. ALL teams must arrive and check in during your check in window. If you arrive after your check in window we cannot help you with last minute changes. 

8. Players will not be allowed to skip their pool play games then come back for playoffs.

9.Scores must be reported by the winner of each game to the registration table. We do not allow players to update scores in Bracketpal. We will update Bracketpal throughout the day.

10. Bring your reusable water bottle. SSOVA provides clean filtered water to ensure hydration and to avoid creating more plastic waste. 

Have Questions? 

Director:  727-380-1168



Organization Contact Info: