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May 28 - 30, 2022
Beach Volleyball Event
May 28 - 30, 2022
27341 FL Highway 19, Taveres, FL

Beach Prospects National Recruiting Showcase
2-Star Qualifier

Divisions: Girls 18 & Under Advanced; Girls 16 & Under Advanced;

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Additional Information:

BEACH PROSPECTS PRESENTS : Beach Prospects National Recruiting Showcase 

Saturday May 28

College Coaching Clinics 3pm ( registration for this clinic is on volleyball life)

Coaches : FAU, Tampa, Texas A & M Corpus, Georgia State,Stephen F Austin, Marymount California University, Mercer, Stetson and UNCW

Sunday and Monday 29 and 30th

Two day all match college recruiting showcase.
Coaches committed to recruiting the event;
·        Arizona
·        Coastal Carolina
·        Florida Atlantic (FAU)
·        Georgia State
·        Houston Baptist
·        Marymount California
·        Mercer
·        New Orleans (UNO)
·        North Florida
·        Palm Beach Atlantic
·        Southern Miss
·        Stephen F. Austin
·        Stetson
·        Tampa
·        Warner
·        Texas A&M Corpus Christi
·        Tulane
·        UNCW


Pool play matches on Sunday followed by single elimination gold and silver matches on Monday


A.     Requirements

 In order to coach in this event coaches MUST (1) attend the coaches meeting in person on site at 8:00am, (2) obtain a coaching wristband to be worn throughout the two day event, and (3) be familiar, and comply,with the applicable coaching rules.

 B.     Coaching Rules

 1.      Coaching

 Coaching may only take place (1) during timeouts, (2) during side-changes, without slowing the game or the progress of players’ movement,and (3) between sets.

 What is coaching? Generally, coaching is any communication to the players (through physical gesture, signal or verbal utterance) that is intended or likely to influence future play.  For example,“that’s it, stay aggressive” is improper coaching because it suggests what the players should do on future plays. Generally, occasional comments in the nature of cheering spectacular effort is not coaching and is permissible.

 Coaches may suggest a timeout to their teams verbally or by signal.  If verbally, coaches may not say more than necessary to ask if the players want to call a timeout.  Coaches have no authority to call a timeout and referees are instructed to ignore coaches calling timeouts.

 Coaches may not communicate at all to their players while the ball is in play.

 Coaches may not address the officials nor attempt to influence the officials at any time. Coaches may not address the opponent players during a match, during a timeout, nor during time between sets within a match.

 2.      Protocols

 Coaches may assist their players during the warm-up but must leave the court during the official warm-up time 10 minutes before each match.  Inside of the 10 minutes, coaches may instruct from the sideline but not enter the court, nor conduct drills from outside the court.

 Coaches must position themselves on the same side of the net as their teams and must switch sides of the net with their teams unless the coach leaves the match on a side switch. Coaches must not delay the game nor unreasonably delay the progress of player movement during side-changes.  Once the players have completed the side switch, they may not stop their movement to receive additional coaching. 

 Coaches may enter and leave a match at their discretion.  When moving between matches,coaches should make a reasonable effort to avoid being positioned on the opponent’s side of the net.

 Coaches may not stand between multiple matches and coach two matches simultaneously as this inevitably puts the coach on the wrong sidef the net in some matches.  Coaches should be positioned in the player area (i.e., the player box) for any match the coach is coaching.

 3.      Professionalism

 Coaches are asked to conduct themselves in a way that positively reflects the profession of coaching. Coaches are also asked to honor in good faith the applicable time restrictions of timeouts (75 seconds) and game breaks between sets (3 minutes)remembering that the officials are junior players still learning and likely reticent to enforce the time restrictions against adult coaches.

 4.      Enforcement

 The tournament director(s) are authorized to enforce the coaching rules through removal of the coaching credential (wrist band) and denial of the coach’s permission to coach the event.


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