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October 16, 2021
Beach Volleyball Event
October 16, 2021
500 S McQueen Rd, Gilbert, AZ


AVP America
East & West Coast Championships Qualifier

Divisions: Girls 18 & Under; Girls 16 & Under; Girls 14 & Under; Girls 12 & Under;

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Additional Information:
The Sand Club is excited to offer an AVP America West & East Coast Championship (WCC & ECC) AND Legacy Winter Championship Qualifier on August 14, September 18 AND a 2-Star October 16. We all know that AVP America will be hosting the WCC in Huntington Beach CA November 13-14, 2021 but did you know about the LWC (Legacy Winter Championship)?

On January 2, 2022, Legacy Sports USA is anticipating opening their doors to the largest family sports park in the country and The Sand Club will be hosting the Legacy Winter Championship (LWC) on January 15th & 16th of 2022. ALL PLAYERS from around the US are welcome to play the LWC because there will be 2 playoff brackets per age division. Why do you need a bid for the LWC then? Teams with bids will be able to play in Power Pools, which will include bid winners and Wild Cards for more competitive play (as well as similar skill play for intermediate and new teams to the sport.) What are Wild Cards? A Wild Card policy will be published soon for out-of-state players that are college committed or have significant finishes in their state that want to play in the Power Pools. Legacy is located at Ellsworth & Pecos in Mesa Arizona. There will be 12 total beach volleyball courts, which includes a Stadium Court. The LWC will take up to 48 teams for the 18's and 16's divisions, up to 24 teams for the 14's division and 16 teams for the 12's division. Email or call 480-560-5090 if you have any questions about the LWC. Registration coming soon.


12U - both players must be born on or after 9/1/2009
14U - both players must be born on or after 9/1/2007
16U - both players must be born on or after 9/1/2005
Any player on the team born before 9/1/2005 will play 18U. Teams will play the division of the oldest player.

For September 18th, teams will be ranked based on their ABV points (which are a player's 10 best events in the past 365 days in Arizona from AVP to BVNE to AAU to P1440 events hosted by The Sand Club and Stealth.) Some in-state or out-of-state players may be Wild Carded. Teams will be snake seeded into 4 pools based on ABV ranking.

Teams will play 3-4 pool play games to 21, win by 2, no cap (except sometimes games are to 28 due to a 4-team and 5-team pool in an age division). All teams will advance to the playoffs, EXCEPT for a 5th place team of a 5-team pool would be eliminated after pool play. Playoffs will be a single elimination game to 21, win by 2, no cap. 1st & 2nd receive WCC & LWC bids and medals, 3rd place receives LWC bids.

6:30-6:50A Check-In/Warm-Up (All Pools)
6:50-6:55A Player Meeting (All Pools)
6:55-7:00A Court Assignment/Final Warm-Up
7:00-10:20A Pool Play (All Pools)
10:20A Playoff Begins
10:45A Semifinals
11:15A Finals (could finish as late 12:30P)
*times are subject to change depending on timeouts, rallies, injuries, court watering, etc

11:30-11:50A Check-In/Warm-Up (All Pools)
11:50-11:55A Player Meeting (All Pools)
11:55-12:00P Court Assignment/Final Warm-Up
12:00-2:30P Pool Play (All Pools)
2:30P Playoff Begins
3:45P Semifinals
4:15P Finals (could finish as late 5:30P)
*times are subject to change depending on timeouts, rallies, injuries, court watering, etc

5:00-5:20P Check-In/Warm-Up (All Pools)
5:20-5:25P Player Meeting (All Pools)
5:25-5:30P Court Assignment/Final Warm-Up
5:30-8:30P Pool Play (All Pools)
8:30P Playoff Begins
9:30P Semifinals
10:00P Finals (could finish as late 11:00P)
*times are subject to change depending on timeouts, rallies, injuries, court watering, etc

Why are 14U and 12U combined? 14U and 12U will play at the same time but will play in their respective divisions.

There are several precautions we will take in order to avoid heat exhaustion for ALL divisions. First, parents should consult with a physician before playing beach volleyball or participating at this event and receive a physician recommendation on hydration and tips for avoiding heat exhaustion. The Sand Club will provide an evaporative cooler by to help players bring their body temperatures down in between games but players are highly recommended to bring a personal cooler with ice and water in order to soak a hand or bath towel, which they put over their head/neck, arms and legs in between games in order to also help bring down their body temperatures. Players should be hydrating 2-3 days prior to this event and staying hydrated through out the event. Parents should be watching for any warning signs of any heat related illness (CDC). Players/parents should report ANY warning signs or medical timeouts to the tournament director. No game, medal or bid is worth compromising the health of an athlete.

Parents/players will be contacted via email. Please make sure your email is correct on Volleyball Life when registering as well as make sure player profiles are complete with parent phone and email as well as player phone and email (if applicable).

There are no refunds for illness/injury or any circumstance after Monday, October 11, 2021 5PM (Arizona Time), including teams on the wait list.

Teams on the wait list will not receive a refund after Monday, October 11, 2021 5PM (Arizona Time). However, if no email has been sent by Friday, October 15, 2021 12PM (Arizona Time) about participating in this event, then a refund will be issued. If a team on the wait list declines to play when they are emailed before Friday, After 12PM on Friday, October 15, 2021, no refund will be issued. All registrants on the wait list agree and understand that they will NOT receive a refund when notified between Monday, October 11, 2021 5PM (Arizona Time) and 12PM (Arizona Time) on Friday, October 15, 2021 to participate.

Parents and players are welcome to email or 480-560-5090 if there are any questions about this event.


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