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December 3, 2021
Beach Volleyball Event
December 3, 2021
500 S McQueen Rd, Gilbert, AZ

Adult BOMB Series
M/W Open, M/W AA, M/W A, M/W BB

Divisions: Men's AA; Men's A; Men's BB; Men's B; Women's AA; Women's A; Women's BB; Women's B;

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Additional Information:
Create YOUR Legacy at Mesquite Beach with The Sand Club, now powered by Legacy Sports USA. All AVP America members will receive GRAND PRIX points >>JOIN TODAY

BOMB Series Is Back!!

*must sign up with a partner

AVP Members receive GRAND PRIX points for AVP and BOMB Series. Players sign up as individuals for the BOMB Series and it is round robin 2-on-2 with and against different players. The Top 10 of each division (Open/AA/A/BB) of each Zone (Arizona is part of the Mountain West Region or Zone 5) receive cash payouts at the end of the season: (November 1st - October 31st).

No refunds will be provided after Tuesday 5P (Arizona Time) before the event. Teams do not receive a refund for forfeits, injuries, delays, weather conditions or for any unforeseen circumstances. Games may be delayed due to weather but not cancelled. Any extenuating circumstance will be considered by the tournament director.

Teams sign up as an individual and play with and against 6-9 different players for this round robin 2-on-2 series. Two courts are dedicated to men's and two courts are dedicated to women's 2's. Players will be subjectively seeded in the beginning and then by The Sand Club points once a player has 2 events. Players are assigned to a pool with 3 other players and play with against every player in their pool. During Round 1, all skill levels are combined. Players shuffled in Round 2 with and against different players as best as possible. After Round 2, players are ranked based on their wins and losses, then point differential. Round 3 is divided into 4 divisions: AA will be the top 4 players, A will be players ranked 5-8, BB will be players ranked 9-12 and B will be players ranked 13-16 (when we have 16 players). Unlike a traditional tournament, Round 3 is round robin just like Rounds 1 & 2, where players play with and against every player in their pool. Records and points are "erased" and whoever wins their pool (Round 3 results only), earns a prize. Rounds 1 & 2 results will be the tiebreaker for Round 3, then over BOMB points August 2021-July 2022.

5:30-5:50P Check-In/Warm-Up
5:50-5:55P Player Meeting
5:55-6:00P Final Warm-Up (NO WARMUP PAST 6P)*
*Arrive early enough to be ready to serve at 6P
6:00-7:30P Round 1
7:30-9:00P Round 2
9:00-10:30P Round 3
*times are subject to change depending on the number of teams, rallies, timeouts, injuries, court watering, etc.

Players officiate their own games but there is a tournament host that will help with rule clarifications.

The winning team of each division will receive AVP merch and all AVP members will receive points. When there are 16 total teams: 1st place of AA will earn $80 and 2nd earns $30.

Legacy Sports USA will be the largest family sports entertainment park in the US. There will be 12 total beach volleyball courts with one 1,500 seat stadium court. Behind the courts is a 15,000 seated Amphitheater and in the park is a 17.000 sqft restaurant and a gym for gym members. Legacy Sports is not just a beach volleyball facility, Legacy Sports will be an experience like no other. Explore for yourself >>VIRTUAL TOUR When Legacy Sports opens, Mesquite Beach will still be the home for The Sand Club leagues, training and the BOMB Series but now powered by Legacy Sports USA.

Feel free to contact Allen at 480-560-5090 if you have any questions or concerns.


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