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Saturday, April 30, 2016
EXCELL STORM BEACH VOLLEYBALL SERIES (This Tournament part of The BLISS Foundation Bahamas Cruise Tournament Sponsored Series)
    Beach Volleyball Event Results
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Men's Open
Women's Open
1stTJ Cloud8,000.00 pts1stKaley Melville8,000.00 pts
Eric Zaun8,000.00Sarah Murphy8,000.00
2ndKyle Turner4,000.002ndChibuzo Aguocha4,000.00
Marshall Brock4,000.00Bri Bahr4,000.00
3rdMarc Fornaciari2,000.003rdLaura Cloud2,000.00
Mike Thompson2,000.00Rachel Noreika2,000.00
3rdBobby Massee2,000.003rdCatelyn mcgovern2,000.00
Matt Wallace2,000.00Alice Kate Cummings Joyner2,000.00
5thPeter Guthy1,000.005thOlivia Stasevich1,000.00
Jeremy modzelewski1,000.00Morgan Dees1,000.00
5thWilliam Tyre1,000.007thMichelle Dillon750.00
Jack Welter1,000.00Hannah Edelman750.00
7thGarrett Ward750.009thAshley Doepp500.00
Andrew Dale750.00jola graham500.00
7thMichael Miller750.00
Andrei Turner750.00

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