Hyden Beach - Event Results

Friday, July 2, 2021
July 2nd - BVNE w/bid to BVNE Nationals and Double Points and AVPA w/bid to AVPA East Coast Championships- Girls 14-18U
    Beach Volleyball Event Results
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18 & Under
Girls 18 & Under
1stSydney Barney312.00 pts
Emma High312.00
2ndEmma Titus296.63
Hannah Warlick296.63
3rdElaina Mabry281.63
MacKenzie Steele281.63
3rdCameron Klein281.63
5thEllie Heflin254.25
Abby Robertson254.25
5thDelaney White254.25
Grace Willkomm254.25
5thJocelyn Escoffery254.25
Anna Jupin254.25
5thHaley Carpenter254.25
Katy Floyd254.25
9thEmma Beardsley 229.50
Brooke Gilleland229.50
9thGrace Ward229.50
michele smith229.50
9thLainee Moore-Manning229.50
Calista Norrell229.50

Hyden Beach

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