The LAB is an Elite Volleyball Training facility located 5280' above sea level in Arvada, CO. We are NOT a volleyball club, we train athletes utilizing the same methods taught by all the leaders in advanced motor learning. In addition to our training, we film and archive everything. We want our results to speak for themselves so we track every step of the process.
We offer:
  • Performance Vision Training

  • Advanced Motor Control and Learning

  • High-Intensity, Fast paced Training and Play

  • Mental and Emotional Performance Training

  • Multi-Faceted Physical Training and Conditioning, designed specifically to compliment our Athletes

  • World Class Athlete Nutrition Training

From Beach to Indoor Volleyball Athletes, we are committed to providing them with the most advanced level of  INDIVIDUAL based training available to reach their personal Peak Performance . On the Court, and long after their playing days have ended, this circle of Athletes will be uniquely capable of success in all environments.